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2 Zeus users - Remote control getting stuck if both zeus' use remote
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Sorry if this has been mentioned before, did search about this before posting;

I've recently been trying a map that has two Zeus users. Both Zeus' are allowed to 'do everything' and have full edit rights.

I've noticed that when I remote control a unit and the other Zeus controls another, it completely bugs out. The other Zeus was able to continue on as normal, but unfortunately when backing out of Zeus (by pressing Y), i cannot move my character or my camera at all. Remoting into another unit does the same, can't move it etc. deleting the character won't solve the issue.


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Steps To Reproduce

Seems to be a bit random, but ran into it when;

  1. I remote control into a unit.
  1. Another Zeus remote controls into the same unit OR another unit.
  1. Not sure if this gamemode even supports the fact two zeus' can remote control individually, as it seems to bug out and won't let me even control my main character. Can still fly around and do stuff in Zeus, but thats it
  1. Forced to restart the game and lose everything if this bug happens.
Additional Information

It would be ideal to implement the fact that multiple Zeus' can remote control without issues. Right now it seems to be conflicting big time.

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Fixed in the dev version. When one Zeus is controlling a unit, another Zeus won't be able to take over it.

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