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curatorObjectDeleted entity always null
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Trying to create a hook link to an SQF which tells me (ingame hint) what unit was deleted, unit returns as null.


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_curatorObjectDeleted = {
_object = _this select 1;
[_object] execVM "scripts\hooks\objectDeleted.sqf";

_curator addeventhandler ["curatorObjectDeleted", _curatorObjectDeleted];
[_curator, "curatorObjectDeleted", _curatorObjectDeleted] call bis_fnc_addScriptedEventHandler;


_object = _this select 0;

hint format["%1 was deleted.", _object];

Additional Information

The other hooks work fine (curatorObjectPlaced, curatorObjectSelected).

Corrected my copypaste error thanks to Killzone_Kid pointing it out!

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_object = _this select 1;

should it be

_object = _this select 0;

in scripts\hooks\objectDeleted.sqf?

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Sorry, copypaste error. Yes it still does not work as 0.

I had it at 1 because I was trying to figure out what the hell was wrong.

Modified my original report to reflect that :)

so scripts\hooks\objectDeleted.sqf is called but output is <null> ?

h0rs added a comment.Apr 21 2014, 12:44 PM

Correct :)

some guesswork:
At some point - probably after the eventhandler code has finished or in the next frame - the object gets deleted and all object references return null.
You're using execVM to execute "objectDeleted.sqf", i.e. it gets executed in scheduled space, so it's possible that its execution gets delayed and the object reference returns null.
Try to stay in unscheduled space (i.e. call your script) or pass a value (e.g. a string) and not an object reference to your spawned/execVM'ed script.

Im going to test this as soon as BIS fix server browser REMOTE button

Just tested. curatorObjectDeleted correctly returns the entity deleted.

h0rs added a comment.Apr 22 2014, 12:01 PM

Master85, I thought so as well. I was just a little curious as to why it works differently to the others.

Killzone_Kid, thanks for that. I guess I'll have to work around it. How did you go about implementing it?

Master85 is right. Object is returned correctly, but it's deleted before scripted executed by execVM starts. Use 'call' instead.

@h0rs deal with the deleted entity in the scope of event handler

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