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night vision makes the mirrors reflection (pip) disappear
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i noticed it in the win campaign - "game over" mission but i would say its going to happen anywhere. when you put on night vision in the tempest transport truck the mirrors stop working

edit: happens in any vehicle.


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downvoted because its realistic, in real life NVG wont work under no optic/reflective glass (shouldn't work under rain/under water or when using optics, but the devs wont fix that)

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Does it disable all types of PiP or just the ones on the mirrors?

ad2001: just the mirrors. the screen on the dashboard works fine
dr death: is it? i didnt know that. so does it completely turn off the reflection or you can still see little something? ive never wore nv googles in real life

Maybe it's intended then?

maybe. i didnt know how nv googles work. i thought they only brighten what you see. so it seemed illogical to me that they would turn off reflections. i guess this issue can be deleted then

yes, some say that while raining you cant see due to the water drops reflecting light, some others dont think so, i just heard that from a former navy seal.

It would make sense that you cant see mirrors but yes screens, NVG does allow you to watch screens/TV (althought it would appear TOO MUCH bright)

thanks for the info

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