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Everything works fine in-game, the problem only occurs when I click on multiplayer . When I do, game freezes for about 24 seconds and then it shows the server list, sometimes with a lot of servers, bust most of the time only shows up 1 (on Gamespy). If I click on anything, like switch from gamespy to steam, or click on the filters to cahnge them, the game freezes again for like 16 seconds, and the shows me the filter settings, when I click OK, it takes me back to the server browser, but not without freezing in the process for another 15 seconds. This is extremely frustrating and did not accur before the latest ZEUS update. {F23744}


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Start the game, Play > Multiplayer.

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My PC can deal with ARMA, i have a i7 4770 processor and a GTX 780 graphics card, I can run the game in ultra very smoothly, I never had issues in the main menu before (before ZEUS upde.)

I you wish to see the issue your self, I uploaded a video here:

p.d. I also tried the DEV version, works way better there, tho I still get a loading from the main menu to the MP menu, ehich I don't recall ever having that loading before. But on DEV I can't join 90% of the servers.

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I wish to add:

I checked the game cache.

I re-downloaded the game.

Removed all my workshop subscriptions.

No mods.

Still not working.


Please try to run your game as admin. Also check that you have set the download region on Steam to correct location.
Steam>Settings>Downloads+Cloud>Download Region

Also, please upload your newest rpt file.
C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\

If that does not help, please tap here to get more help.

Thank you!

Ran the game as admin, nothing changed.

I have the download region on steam set to a different region from where I am from because it gives me more download speed (avg 15 - 20mb/s). Why would this have an impact over the game freezing on the multiplayer menu?

The file requested has been uploaded.

Thank you for your time.

p.d. Tap where? :/


in your rpt there is nothing suggesting anything wrong.

I will try to invetisgate it further but without any significant data the results are not sure.

Sorry for inconveniences, have a nice day.

Thank you very much.

Also, I used to be the host of private servers I did with my friends because I have very fast internet, I had to port forward in order to my friends to join. It worked smoothly 4 months ago. Since then I havn't been playing ARMA, today I tried to play it again as I saw the game was updated. Now it is a horrible pain in the ass trying to connect to a server or host a game as you can see, but also, when I manage to create a server, my friends can't join me, they can't even see my server on the list. 20 minutes ago I tried creating a server again, and while on the HOST NEW SESSION menu this warning appeared: "no challenge value was received from the master server".

Hope that helps in some way. Again, thank you!


I just deleted A3, restarted my pc, re-dowbloaded the game, launched it, clicked on MP, and this time it took the game to get me from the main menu, to the MP menu a whopping 36 seconds.

Same I started the process of creating a server, and when selecting a game mode the same message appeared: "no challenge value was received from the master server".

At this point I give up, ive searched everywhere for answers, I re-installed the game twice today, checked al my firewall settings are well set-up, same for the forwarded ports.

It just doesn't make any sense... Why would the game be behaving like this?

I hope you find an answer, im off to bed. Thank you for your time.

Can you Host new session in Dev version?

At the moment A3 DEV is behaving exactly the same, only maybe a bit less freezing, and the freezing times are a bit shorter.

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Hello, we are currently switching from GameSpy to Steam. If you want to host the server that will be visible in Steam browser (default option for Dev), you have to forward some ports for Steam (default is 27016, DS can switch do different port by config option). That should make your server visible in Steam server list.

About the lags, the message is from the GameSpy library, looks like there are issues when communicating with GS servers, it's hard to say if it's library traffic issue or it's related to something in the game.

When using the steam server list the game behaves correctly. So when creating a server (Steam) should I change the default port (2302) to 27016? And if I keep receiving the "no challenge value..." I can disregard it as it is only telling me it has issues connecting to GS? Can I stop my game from trying to connect to GS?

Excuse my ignorance.

Thank you for your time.

Keep using 2302, this is the port the game will listen for client to connect (direct client-server communication), the 27016 is used by Steam backend (Steam servers) to check that your server is still created and downloads information about it (like name, mission...).

When you create the server, it's registered on GS and on Steam, since both services are still online. It won't be long before the GS will shut down and the only Steam will be used.

Hi, as far as the freezing goes, I have that too when I go into the multiplayer gamespy serverlisting. It takes about 20 - 30 sec until I get so see the server list. Getting back to main menue won't take that long. But after that waiting time i get all servers listed so no problem with that.
(running the release build btw.)

Usually I start the game with -nologs and -showScriptErrors.