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Air Support Trigger in Editor
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Hello, The new Air support feature in Modules->Effects->Air Support(german "Luftunterstützung") can not triggered. How I can activate this effect with on a event? {F23736}


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seems to work fine for me. place the module, place a trigger activated by Radio Alpha, sync them together, and then call radio alpha in your mission and it should work.

I have connected the module with Radio Juliet, the Support starts instant at the beginning of the mission without use radio J.

okay, oddly enough, this is now happening for me as well. It probably has to do with the fact that when playing as zeus, the plane is immediately en route when the module is placed. I suppose as a hotfix, you could spawn the module using a script, but this is definitely not an ideal setup. Could a dev reopen this issue?

Reopened. Could you please epload a simple repro mission for Stratis with exact repro-steps? I cannt figure out the problem in our conditions.

Thank you.

Same problem! Author u are not alone!

Repo mission added

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thank you, the issue ahs been assigned.

Have a nice day.

Thx , glad to hear it