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Ai can see in the dark and know right where you are even when you use a suppressed weapon.
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I have tested over and over again Ai seeing in the dark issue with every Dev update and newest version 1.16 and get the same result. When I fire one shot with suppressed weapon they know right where I'm almost immediately. By the way each test I disable NVGS so it should be impossible for them to see me, specially if I can't even see my own weapon in front of me. Please fix this it has been going on since Arma 2 days, and should have been fixed long ago it hampers stealth mission where you can't even have stealth thank you look forward for a is some video of what is happening


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placed enemy unit down disabled NVGS and placed my player blufor on a hill about 200=300 meters away and used suppressed weapon.

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Do you have any mods installed?

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It is a surpressor, not a silencer. From that distance they still could have heard the direction of the shot. Ideally they should do supressive fire in your general direction instead of accurate shots.

I made a stealth mission some months ago (Silent Justice) and I do not get over accurate AI, infact they tend to flee, because they can not pinpoint where the fire is comming from (I always engage from 300+ meters)

What accuracy setting did you had the AI here?

Mods I have are mk18 weapon,sound of speed ...thats it not sure the accuracy have to check later after work.

What's the best Ai accuracy to get better results thank?

Uninstall any mods you have.

What is the purpose of that then I lose good sound mod seeing that bis sound is horrible.

BI can't fix community made mods.

Here is my my Ai Values



AD2001 explained it, the mod is the cause; if the suppressor in the mod is not configured correctly, they can hear you very well.

I wonder if you can replicate the issue with vanilla weapons.

EDIT: You cannot use those enemy/friendly config file entries anymore; they have been replaced by a holistic approach:

		aiLevelPreset=3; //means custom skill

While the enemy/friendly entries persist, you can as well delete them now from the config file.

Out of curiosity, which of the sound mods are you using. I was looking into using one of the available but I would prefer to avoid these problems.

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Speed of sound is known to be changing more then just sounds, depsite being labelled as a sound mod (yet it is a weapon mod). I bet that's your issue.

How is sound of speed a weapon mod? Also I have used jsrs 2.1 and that mod was heavy on fps i caused lose in fps and the creature of that even says it does that.
Now I haven't tested in a while since this was really discouraging for me and I have seen nothing but bad things the ai is doing.

like someone said above, it's a suppressor, not a silencer. A suppressed gun is still quite loud. A .308 suppressed rifle *using subsonic ammo* will still produce sounds as loud as 130dB.

I was rather going on about the weapon mod, not the sound mod, which could cause this.

At any rate, before continuing on this report I want it reproduced with vanilla A3 and exact repro steps and even better a small repro mission in the editor.

Ok Fireball do you want me to make video of it or just make the mission again and set everything like I had it and have everything on vanilla?

First of all, you should report issues always on vanilla A3. No mods, nothing.

Then, complete user missions are difficult to debug. Try to make some small setup in the editor, which only shows the issue, maybe even make the player invulnerable. E.g. one AI, one player, night time, 300m, like in your repro steps. Zip up the folder and attach it to the report.

Improve repro steps, where needed.

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Do you have super AI on? in the difficulty that option makes all AI always on 1.0 (the most cheater setting).

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super AI has been removed from the game....