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Vehicle collides with invisible attached object
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If I place a couple of objects and attach one object to another the attached object is still there physically.

But oddly only when the player is the driver of a vehicle using internal view.



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Test One.
Run the mission do nothing except drive forward using w key.
The vehicle will hit an invisible object.
If you change to external camera, pressing enter and still drive forward you still collide with the object.

Test Two.
Run the mission but now change to external view pressing enter key and then drive forward using w key.
The vehicle now drives straight through where the object was without incident.

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to add if you are a driver, hidden object seems to exist for the vehicle yet you cannot see it. If you are on foot you can walk through. This has been happening with invisible objects since day one regardless of attachment.


it has been fixed locally. Can you please confirm on Steam Dev 1.19.123952 and higher?

Thank you very much.

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It does appear to be fixed 1.19.123962 in SP, I don't have access to MP so can't check.

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