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Zeus - Hitting 'OK' whilst editing vehicle attributes restores vehicle health
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When playing as Zeus, if a vehicle is damaged and the crew dismount, all you have to do is double click the vehicle, hit OK, and it will return to full health.

This seems incorrect. Especially if you've disabled attributes using the 'Set Attributes' modules.

I am trying to make a ZvZ mode but it's too easy to simply repair disabled vehicles. Mainly with front wheels or tracks damaged.


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Steps To Reproduce

Go to editor

Place Player, place Gamemaster Module, sync the two.

Preview game and go into Zeus mode.

Place a quadbike and damage it until one of the front wheels is missing. (shoot it or crash it).

Now double click the quad as zeus and simply hit 'OK'.

Wheel will pop back into place and vehicle will be fully healed.

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Should be fixed in tomorrow's dev build update.

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