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Remove the "waidmannsheil" from the german translation
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No one ever says Waidmannsheil (or at least no one ever should say such a thing) in the military of german

"Waidmannsheil" comes from the hunter

please replace it through something like "Viel Glück" which is A WAY better then having a military commander saying "Waidmannsheil" which is just ... yeah
fucking confusing and somehow funny


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Well, it may be a bit cynic, but there are soldiers wishing a "good hunt" and mean manhunt in their why not a similar phrase in German?

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suddenly the article is only available on non english languages : /

google translate (yeah i know ... its inaccurate but ... yeah more simple then writing the entire article)

hope its now more clear why its not good to use "Waidmannsheil" ^^

X39, im native German speaker and I don't regard it as wrong per se. Just maybe inappropriate; but that was probably the intention in this context - if you regard your enemy as an animal that has to be hunted down.

How about Gute Jagd? Though that is more in an airforce sense.

Or "Hals- und Beinbruch, kommt mir in einem Stück zurück!" ;).

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"Waidmannsheil" (just like "Petri Heil") is a best wishes term used only for hunter (or fishermen).

"Gute Jagd" or "Erfolgreiche Jagd" would make more sense.