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Problems with #adminLogged
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Okay so Curator module with owner #adminLogged, login as admin works fine but, if you die and respawn, no longer able to enter Interface even tho still logged in as admin.

Also if you login as admin and go into a different Zeus slot and enter Zeus interface and then leave it, and go back to being player, you will no longer be able to enter admin Zeus, it will just ping, and even bigger of a problem for it. even if you log out and re-login you wont be able to enter the Interface (even if you leave server and come back same thing). {F23712}


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Steps To Reproduce

Problem 1:

  1. Be soldier on ground,
  2. login as admin,
  3. Respawn,
  4. Try and enter Zeus interface.

Problem 2:

  1. Enter a playable Zeus(forced interface disabled),
  2. login as admin,
  3. Enter Zeus interface,
  4. Exit back to lobby and play as a soldier on ground,
  5. try entering Zeus Interface.
  6. leave server, and join back as player, same result, completely unable to enter Admin Zeus now.
Additional Information

Dedicated Server running exact same mission as official just with a 3rd Curator with owner set to #adminLogged & forced interface disabled.

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Should be fixed in tomorrow's dev build update

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