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Using <br> in the Title Line in the description.ext does not work.
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If you use the description.ext file to set the title of your mission, it will not wrap the text to the next line, even if you use <br> ( or <br />) to try and force the carriage return. Not a critical bug, but would be nice to have longer mission names. {F23709}


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Won't Fix
Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Make a mission in the editor.
  2. Create a description.ext file and set the Title to something long... like "Guess What is for Dinner at the Cafe".
  3. Start the mission...

You will see, "Guess What is for D"

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could you please upload a repro mission with description.ext file displaying the problem? It would help us a lot. Thank you.

will do tonight.

sorry about the delay. It is uploaded. All vanilla.


thank you for the repro mission. I was not able to see anything wrong, though. It could be that I am using very powerful PC and my loading screen is too short to display the mission name (tried SP, MP and MP on dedicated server). Could you please upload a short video (on youtube for example) where the problem can be seen?

Max Length OnLoadName is 22 symbols and one line!
And rightly br/(br /)With <>
Not <br \>

Sorry for my Bad English

Maybe need to close?

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