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M6 SLAM mines do not work against Tempest
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M6 SLAM mines do not appear to be working correctly. {F23687}


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Steps To Reproduce

1: Place M6 SLAM mines
2: Drive a vehicle near/over them

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Expected result = mine should detonate.

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Did you drive infront of it or over it? I'm pretty sure they're directionally detonated.

I am aware of how M6 SLAM mines are used. They do not work as of last patch.


thank you for submitting the ticket. Sadly, I was unable to reproduce the issue. For me, the mines exploded just fine. Could you please specify the steps how to make the mine fail or upload a simple repro mission?

Thank you very much.

Apolgies Iceman; this issue appears to only occur for me when driving the new Tempest truck.

Please see attached mission with two playable units.
Drive unit 1 Tempest truck forward down the road towards the M6 mines and observe no detonations. Continue driving to trigger the AT mine.

Switch to unit 2 and drive the Ifrit towards the M6 mines and observe detonations.