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Cannot assign waypoint to UAV after v1.16 update.
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Assigning waypoints to the UAV does not work when you use a custom key mapping.
Neither “Left Ctrl+Prim mouse btn.” or “Left Shift+Prim mouse btn.” works with my custom key mapping. I have tried mapping "Command Fire" (keyFire) to the Arma 3 preset “Left Ctrl+Prim mouse btn.”, but this does not help.
Which key mappings are required to work around the problem?
(Completely abandoning custom key mapping is not acceptable). {F23684}


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

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Attached profile with my custom key mapping.

Which keys do we have to bind back to defaults and what are they?

I could really use a workaround until this bug is fixed.


Are you still able to reproduce this issue? I have tried your custom key mapping and I was able to create waypoints for UAVs. [Ctrl+Primary Mouse Button] and [Shift+Primary Mouse Button] worked fine. I have tried it in current dev branch. Thanks for letting me know about current state.

Yes, I still have the problem for v1.16. Did you remember to remove the “.txt” extension from my profile before testing?
The only additional information I can think of, is that my profile is stored under “Arma 3 - Other Profiles”.

DarkDruid if you still have issue reproducing it please let me know how I can help (which files would you need?), because I think I have the exact same problem.

It was caused by dev branch, I am able to reproduce it in the stable 1.16.

Could you please check current version of dev branch and let me know if it is fixed there even for you? Thanks a lot!

I can conform the problem has been fixed for v1.19. Thank you very much.

Thanks! This fix should be a part of stable branch update 1.18, which should be released next week (more info about upcoming update 1.18:

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