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Lightpoints deviate away from their attached position at high speeds
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Lightpoints attached to objects moving >100km/h will deviate away from their attached position (quite significantly). Lightpoints using attachTo usually deviate away IN the direction of movement and lightpoints using lightAttachObject deviate away in the opposite direction to movement. attachTo seems to retain the lightpoint position MUCH more accurately than lightAttachObject. {F23665}


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_light = "#lightpoint" createVehicleLocal visiblePosition _vehicle;
_light attachTo [_vehicle,[0,0,1]];

and then set a reasonably large flare size so you can actually see the physical lightpoint and then drive at >100km/h and watch it become elastic.

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could you please upload a simple repro mission? It would help us in a big way.

Thank you very much.

Done, simply drive the offroad as fast as possible along the straight road.

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unfortunately, I do not see any light incorrection. Could you please tell me where exactly to look?

Thank you very much.

Make sure you're driving at >100-150km/h and then watch the lightpoint (it's much easier to see if you turn your camera so it's facing the side/top of the vehicle rather than from behind). I'll upload a video showing the issue tomorrow.

Here's a video showing the lightpoint being elastic. It's a little difficult to see in that mission but the lightpoint does actually slowly move away from its attached position as well as appearing to be elastic (attaching it to a selection should let you see this more easily).


thank you for the video, it is clearly visible now. We discussed this issue within the development team and decided not to adjust the attaching.

It would cause much trouble with collision system (as the PhysX skeleton is fundamental for it).

Thank you for your input and sorry for inconveniences.

Surely there must be a method for achieving a stable effect because you're able to attach lightpoints in the vehicle cfg that don't have this warping issue?

@Polaris try setPosASL with draw3d eh by readin position of the vehicle with visiblePositionASL

I'll try that Killzone but when I tried manually setting the position before the result was much worse than attachTo.

Unfortunately that method seems less accurate.

Seems broken in many ways. If you spawn flare in the sky then there is no guarantee you can see it as at some angles it disappears, while it is in your field of view. What's new.

Indeed. Either the attachTo needs to be fixed or there needs to be a way to control vehicle lightpoints by script or there needs to be a command that utilises the same method the vehicles use to "attach" lightpoints because that method seems stable.

Hopefully BIS decide to reconsider fixing this issue because I've seen several mods that have simply had to stomach it and it really degrades the aesthetics of the engine.

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