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After a while the game starts to lag and have sound issues
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When I join an Altis Life Server, the game runs fine. But after a while (mostly 1-2 hour(s)) I get lag (frames drop from 50fps to 5-15fps) and sounds start crackling in Windows porgrams (Teamspeak, Firefox running youtube videos) and Arma 3 itself. The only fix I've come up with, after 2 weeks, is restarting my pc.
*NOTE: I've installed Arma 3 on my Samsung SSD.


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Steps To Reproduce

Join a multiplayer server (tested on CPC, altis life server) which runs Altis Life and play for approx. 1 hour (sometimes 2 hours). The issues also appear to start earlier when there are more people using voicechat nearby.

Additional Information

I've built the pc myself, so the first thing my friends told me was that it might be because of DirectX not being properly installed or that I didn't connect hardware properly. But that doesn't seem to be the cause, because I'm not the only one experiencing these issues, according to other forum posts on various sites. (I'm still not sure about DirectX)

System specs:
CPU; AMD FX 8350, base clockspeed
GPU: AMD R9 280x 3G, amd catalyst driver beta 14.3 V1.0
RAM: 8GB Corsair Ballastix
SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 250GB
OS: Windows 8 64-bit, legal copy and updated
Mobo: ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z

All hardware is running cool and not fully loaded or at top speed, according to software: GPU-Z, CPU-Z, Asus AI suite II and Msi Afterburner.

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Is there any way of debugging on a multiplayer game? It would be nice to find out what it causes.


does your game crash during these lags?

Thank you.

That's the weird thing, it doesn't crash at all. I'm doing a full caseless benchmark to check if it is hardware related. What happens is: Lag and sound crackling in ALL programs. Without a crash.

But I will do a recording and benchmark right now to provide more information.

Iceman added a comment.Apr 9 2014, 2:38 PM

Thank you for that, it will help a lot.

While doing the benchmark Arma 3 crashed! And after thinking about it, this is the second time. I will continue the checkups and try it on different servers too, but it indeed crashed without any errors being shown.
Could it be because of these parameters:
-cpuCount=8 -high -nologs -maxMem=4096 -exThreads=7 -winxp -nosplash-
does the last "-" mean the line ends, or should i delete it?

Iceman added a comment.Apr 9 2014, 3:30 PM

Could you please try to run Arma without any of these parameters? It would help programmers when analyzing the crashdumps.

If it crashes again (with no parameters), we will need your crashdump files.
C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\
Can you upload somewhere in winrar package please?
When package will be smaller than 5000k, you can attach it here. When package is bigger, please use some free sharing service and post link here.

How to find correct crashdump file:
Try to make the crash happen
Look into crashdump folder
Upload crashdump with latest date in name (crashdump is rpt + bidmp + mdmp file with same name)

Thank you.

After both, client and server, updated to Zeus. The issues have been fixed.
The following changes have solved the issues:

  • Updated to Zeus
  • Updated all possible outdated drivers, my BIOS had a stability update
  • Deleted launch parameters
  • Changed internet gateway to 6 to give it more space.

The only problems I can find while playing Arma 3 are: Micro-stutter and frame lag when rendering the terrain in the distance and when swimming even when you are above the surface you still drown.

Thanks for you support.

I am glad that the patch removed the crashes, therefore I am resolving this issue as fixed.

I've attached a file containing 2 crash reports. It suddenly happened today, maybe you can check it?

  • It was on Altis Life -


it looks like the crash dumps were not created (we need rpt + bidmp + mdmp file). It could be that your game actually did not crash or it crashed and was killed off (via task manager) too quickly for crashdumps to create.

Next time it freezes, please try to wait a minute or two so the dumps have time to create. If there are no crashdumps after then, we'll try to find another solution.

Thank you.

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