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Ping not work and not in keybinding
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The Ping function does not work but going in/out of Zeus does. Also KeyBinding is not there I searched everywhere.


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Press y

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NOTE: I found out ping only works on my server but still not in keybindings.

It's "Zeus" key, the same one which is used for opening / closing Zeus interface. It's the first item in "Zeus" controls category.

Could you please specify how does it not work?

Ok so firstly, Ping for me actually works most times now on servers but I do not remember seeing a Zeus category but now I do. so err yeah.

Zeus category was added only recently, before only the 'Zeus' key was available in the 'Common' category.

Oh yes, it was before that for me in common category I searched everywhere and it wasn't actually there. Not like it really matters now.

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