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Zeus Showcase: When selecting player and pressing Numpad End, cannot exit first person or return to zeus
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In the Zeus Showcase, when the player is first given control of zeus, help instructs player to see viewpoint of selected troop. Only available troop is player. Once I select and press Numpad Enter, I am locked into first-person view of the Zeus player. I still have the zues interface, which I cannot dismiss, and cannot turn or shoot, but cardinal move controls return.


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Zeus - Missions
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start Zeus Showcase
  2. Ping Zeus with Y as directed.
  3. Press Y to enter zeus control.
  4. Select the player soldier as zeus.
  5. Press Numpad Enter to enter his view.
  6. Attempt any movement or return to zeus.

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press space to return to Zeus interface.

Thank you

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