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AI ghosting trought everything.
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Title says it all.

AI (soldiers, civilians and animals) sometimes ghosting trough fences, walls and other object, especially where there is no short way to the destination.


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-I made a script and placed a lot of bunnies then i placed some walls to prevent them from escaping.

-I noticed that some of bunnies was ghosting trough a walls.

You may also try to set a walls in editor then place soldiers inside place where is no way to escape, then give them orders to move out to specific location, sometimes they would ghost trough walls.

Sometimes your AI buddy will ghost trough fences if you give him order to move out or to follow you.

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could you please provide us with short video or [even better] simple repro mission of the issue? It would be a big help.

Thank you.

Yes i will do that soon, i will post a video, maybe even today.

Im preparing movie, should be availble in less than half hour.

Video is ready:

You can reproduce this mission in editor in just 3 minutes so i don't uploaded mission file :-)

AI can ghost trough everything, i saw them ghosting trough containers, fences etc. AI can ghost trough object placed in editor and default objects on map.

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happened to me, too sometimes.
but in your case, the soldier probably just spawned near your position and therefor inside the enclosure. (Groupmembers always spawn next to the groupleader)

I've uploaded another example with zeus. This ALWAYS happens.
Some buildings are just ...
don't use them with zeus :(

Ok now you have all the info so im waiting for status change.

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Thank you for the data, we will look into it.

I noticed that units placed in ZEUS are ghosting much more often.
They can ghost trough closed doors.

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It may possibly happen shortly after the AI's initialization (making it more evident in Zeus, where you place units dynamically and use them right after their placement). However, they should behave the same in a long run.

The AI occasionally does make it thru even if when encircled by obstacles. Afaik it is more of an edge case (when the AI is far, not under focus, with time speeded up etc.) and currently I can't tell if we're going to do something about it in the near future. (We have some repro's, but would probably need one where it is reliably way too obvious and disturbing)

Buildings are a little bit different issue - AI tends to go thru walls when exiting a building. We've been on this issue ever since and we're really sorry and it makes us sad pandas that it's still in the game :/ I'll keep you informed if there's a progress.

Bunnies are magical creatures. Working as intended.