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UI for voting/kicking of Game Master
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Hey, we really need a new feature: At the end of a game, there really need a quick/simple/basic way to vote/kick a Zeus, because already two times today that a guy get stuck on the Official servers, and don't want to quit even if noob, and as a "punishment" he stayed there without doing anything, blocking the whole game...
Not possible, everyone will run away if that happend too often.


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#vote kick USERNAME

or vote an admin to kick the guy.

#vote admin USERNAME

Or maybe a system with an UI would be more intuitive... And it's not really for kicking, more to let people choose an other Zeus even if he want to stay in place...

change the ticket so that it doesn't get closed.

upvoted. the way l3tuc3 mentioned works only for certain servers and admins, one thing is to be in an adminless server with an annoying guy and another is to have an annoying guy as god.

Yesterday, a guy was Game master, and because there's also game moderator, he thought he could manage the game, and so he wrote: "I'm going to eat, I come back in 1 hour"... It was funny with 15 people waiting for a guy going to eat.

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im having one issue with this - should change it to work on official servers
if I create a server where I am zeus I don't want someone to come and kick me off the zeus position on my own server
you don't like my style ? join a different server

this should only be implemented on OFFICIAL servers

this is not about "a guy dont like you so he kicks you" but more about "nobody wants you so you kick them"

Besides, it could be an option, and if not, you could be server admin and kick them all for trying

ShadeOfMe in this thing only there are certain admin of that dedicated server can kick you and if you host from your own computer, no one can kick you as the function is not available. Vote option is only available on Dedicated Host and no one can do it directly. There are lots of things to do when you try to kick a guy from the server. The best interface was in Arma 2 for the server control. Where a person can log into the server control UI and then he could kick and ban players and no other players could do that

ShadeOfMe: I agree with you, maybe it could be an added option in the server's parameter: "Kicking On/Off".
And my idea was not to really kick: But more to prevent the same guy for accessing Zeus function in the 2-3 minutes before starting the game if he got "kicked", and after 2-3 minutes, even if he got kicked, if noones want to take the Zeus role, he should be able again. Maybe something like a countdown to let other take his place!

just so you wont misunderstand I did vote this up (7th vote)
just wanted the "don't kick me off my own server" option to be heard
The countdown idea is even better for the official servers