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Crash To Desktop upon selecting waypoint behavior in Zeus.
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When giving a waypoint in Zeus, if I double click and select a specific behavior (Aware, Relaxed, Combat, etc...)the game freezes and crashes to desktop either upon closing the Waypoint to apply the behavior, or upon the waypoint being reached by the unit.

This appeared after an update, this wasn't happening in *Zeus unil a few days ago, I did just finally figure out how to repeat the crash by singling out the cause.

*Obviously this is in DEV build.


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Zeus - General
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go into Zeus.
  1. Select a unit and give it a waypoint.
  1. Before the waypoint is reached, double click the waypoint to open the Zeus options.
  1. Select a specific behavior for the waypoint (Relaxed seems to cause it the most) and apply.
  1. The game should crash either upon accepting the changes to the waypoint, or when the waypoint is reached by the unit.
Additional Information

I thought this was for sure due to mods because I was using custom @USMC_A3 soldiers using modded weapons and gear, but, I tried vanilla with several units and it occurred.

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Fixed, should appear in the next dev build update.

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