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Add Sites module to Zeus's Modules
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Adding the same sites module as the editor to Zeus' modules would be a huge help to Zeus GM.

It would vastly speed up Zeus' ability to populate friendly or enemy bases when placement and exact units in the base aren't a concern.

An example of use might be:
The players decide to detour to a base that is marked as friendly, but Zeus hasn't yet put any AI there yet, not seeing a need as it wasn't part of the immediate mission. Now if the players are on the way there, he's scrambling to put down enough troops so it actually looks like a friendly base. If the Sites module was added it would take a fraction of the time to populate this base, basically just drop it down, change the variables, and hit execute. All the units would spawn in the base, and show up as editable units like normally created ones.


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I'm afraid Sites are completely incompatible with Zeus and cannot be used. However, I'd like to add new waypoint types PATROL and RELAX, which would achieve the same (e.g., you place a group and give it RELAX waypoint. Soldiers will read terrain and nearby objects and find suitable positions, play some animations, walk around, etc.)

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