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Heavy breathing is followed by painful, distant grunting.
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The new fatigues sounds are good for the most part- until you hear your character grunt in pain. The grunting sound is very misleading in two ways. First, it leads the player to believe that he is injured, because it is a painful groan. Second, it leads the player to believe that the sound is coming from someone nearby, and not from the player. The grunts sound distant and faint, almost as if they were coming from across the room. {F23588}


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Get fatigued and then be mislead into thinking you're next to an injured person.

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We ran into this in our most recent session, and yeah, it's really... not good. Those sounds need a reworking.

Yes my character permanently sounds like an angry porn star (especially when injured)
There's absolutely no need for all the persistent grunts and groans.

Wheezing and gasping yes but no "ow" sounds for fatigue. Player sounds like my children whining on a long walk...


are you still experiencing the grunts? They should be gone by now on Steam Stable 1.16.123633.

Thank you

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Duplicate of #18374

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Okay, worked out a repro. It is definitely a breathing noise. It's only seems to occur when fatigue levels are between 0.05 and 0.35, and most apparent between 0.15 and 0.30. It's the player making the sound that is annoying, but AI also do it (possibly the volume was also badly configured in older builds?)


  1. Unzip and load attached mission "18148_moaning.Stratis" in mission editor.
  2. Preview mission. Mission features a frequently updating hint that gives feedback on current fatigue levels.
  3. Sprint around until the player fatigue reaches 0.35. You may hear the grunting/moaning.
  4. Stop and listen while the player recovers. Notice moaning/grunting sound.
  5. If needed, repeat steps 3 and 4.

Just to remove any doubt, the grunting/moaning sound can be heard in this very short video (also includes some insect noise):

^I was unable to reproduce the moan today, but if the attached video was shot yesterday, then I guess its still there, though not as prevalent as it was before.

Yes, video was made with attached repro mission using Dev build 1.19.123962


i reproduced the problem (thanks for the repro steps), our audio masters will look into it.

Thank you very much.