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[SPOILER] Scouting # 2: One Shot, One Kill
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Sniper and spotter don't spawn anymore in the house.


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Campaign Episode 2: Adapt
Steps To Reproduce
  • Start the second scouting mission
  • Drive to the location
  • House is empty

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I heard somwhere that the spawnlocation is randomized.
Have you searched the area?

Yes, I've searched the area to no avail. But due to placement of mines and other props, I don't believe they're randomized, in this case.

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It's random. I've had them on top of the factory.

Ohh, okay. Maybe I've not been too persistent in searching them, due to the fact that the one house with chairs and map on flipchart really looks predestined for them (where I found the the first time).

Will re-verify then and give feedback.

Yep, false alert, all is good, even though it doesn't really make sense if they're on a roof which is so obscured from the scene with the pickup, so they could impossibly ever have shot there from that roof where they were this time.