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Can't move the map around as Zeus
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I noticed that lately we used to be able to move the map by right clicking and dragging as zeus and now after a recent patch like 2-4 days ago when we got the new ordnance now it does not work to use the mouse to drag the map around.

You will have to now use your mouse wheel to zoom out and then try and zoom in where you would like to go on the map.

I hope this gets fixed since it is inconvenient and a lot harder to use the map as zeus when you cannot just click and drag like it was before and how it is when you are a soldier on the ground.


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Zeus - General
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Be Zeus Game Master (by joining or hosting your own server)
  1. Press "M" to open the map.
  1. Now try to move the map around with your mouse like you use to and how you can as a soldier.
Additional Information

I can perfectly zoom in and zoom out when looking at the map as zeus, but I cant seem to move it around to get a better look at something. I hope this gets fixed soon.

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Confirmed. The only way to move around is by zooming out and in at the desired spot.

Issue fixed on 24/03 release.

Yeah, it seems that it was fixed. So developers you may close this report since it was resolved in the 3/24(I'm american, so thats how I right the date) update release

Resolved itself (somehow :)

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