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A huge FPS drop after 20/3 Patch (Win campaign patch)
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My FPS has dropped from 30-45 FPS, depending where I am, to 13-22 FPS after the latest patch. Many of my clanmembers reports the same thing, 30 FPS -> 10-15 FPS. According to reddit and it appears it be happening to others as well. I do believe it is not as extreme for everyone, one friend only reported 5-7 FPS drop from 30.

This is a very unspecific issue. What do you devs need from us to find out whatever is causing the FPS drop?

Edit; I think the most extreme case we have in the clan is a 20FPS to 3 fps.


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Uh, today it is appears to be working fine. We didnt change anything, so whatever you guys did in "the back" worked.

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I have lower fps after Zeus patch. (Stable branch)

Was better in version before.