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A-164 Cannon sound persists after done firing
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A-164 Cannon sound persists after done firing. Will stop after firing again. Happens more often than not.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Fire cannon in a short burst
  2. Sound will persist after finished firing
  3. Fire again
  4. Sound will stop

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This isn't a sound issue. Even if you click for just a split second, the cannon fires at least 10 rounds, it's probably intended.

I know it shoots 10 round bursts. This is not the issue i am talking about. AFTER the gun stops shooting the sound still persists. It will go continuously (for minutes) until you fire the cannon again. No bullets are fired after the sound persists.

Looks like it's the new sound loop command they introduced.
While it's good that you can loop a sound by giving a loop start and duration the command is missing a dynamic way to exit the loop (if you stop pushing the fire button the loop will still play the entire predefined duration instead of stopping at the very moment you stop pushing the button)

I have seen this too. As zeus or a wingman, sometimes another pilot's cannon sound will go on forever, until they fire again.

Bumping, because this issue is *still* not fixed, and it is annoying as fuck.

This is actually a game breaking bug, because the jet in question's position is easily pinpointed, making tracking it with weapons or in a dogfight extremely easy.

Imagine if this was an issue with ground vehicle weapons, it would be fixed instantly. Why the neglect for aircraft, BI?

not enough votes for it Demongod, but you can have one of mine, we also have this very same issue. It truelly is annoyuing as fuck, and you make a valid point about it giving away position. I am sure the fix must be something one of the devs can fix on a coffee break, so it needs the love.

That's what's maddening about a lot of arma's bugs X( many of them could be fixed in no time at all, but nobody fixes them.
If you remember when Zeus launched, Moricky and a few other poured all their time into making Zeus into what it is today, and they were all incredibly productive (he even personally replied to some of my feature requests and bug reports), but most of the time it seems like nobody is doing anything at all.

EDIT: Why was this put as "related" to that sound immersion post? We aren't requesting a feature like sonic booms or anything, we're reporting a bug

It seems to be fixed in the dev branch...

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I've experienced this multiple times, and sometimes other players can hear the sound bug while others cannot.

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It was even hearable in one of the recent livestreams ;)

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