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The smoke module is not visible to clients on MP
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The smoke module (not the smoke grenade module) only displays the particles to the server. Clients that join a host can't see the effect. On a dedicated server, none of the players can see the effect. The host on a non-dedicated server seems to be the only one that can see the smoke.

We tested to see if it was a JIP issue and it is not (atleast not just a JIP issue).


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open the editor.
  2. Place down two playable units.
  3. Place down a smoke effects module.
  4. Test the mission and have a friend join. You will see the effect and he won't.
Additional Information

It was suggested by a dev to use a smoke grenade instead but the issue there is that the smoke grenade module only drops one grenade so the smoke clears after 45 secs or so.

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Thanks for the feedback, I will check that issue with smoke module.

That "workaround" with smoke grenade module should work. You can set the smoke grenade module to last forever. Just switch parameter "persistent" to enabled.

Should be fixed in next dev branch update (Monday probably).

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