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Server crashing few minutes after mission launch
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I know there are many bug reports with similar problems but none of them is with version 1.14.

After starting up the server and launching the mission with a couple of players the server crashes after a few minutes. This is always happening.

This is happening since I updated the server today. Before the update everything was working fine.


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Start server and launch mission.

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This bug has disabled an extremely large Altis Life gaming community. Until it is fixed, none of us can log in, so if this could be addressed quickly we would greatly appreciate it!

The bug is keeping hundreds of Altis Life players from playing. Please fix it! We'd all appreciate it !!

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Please fix this as soon as possible we can't play!

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Keeping hundreds of people playing altis life, disabling all the servers in the best altis life community out there. A solution whould be appriciated by alot of gamers.

Please fix this issue, I can't play Arma 3 right now! :/

We know it is something with our mission, because other missions are running fine. But we need to know what it is, that makes the server crash.

Please fix this ASAP, we have a whole community depending on this!

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This is an urgent fix! please fix it asap!

My stream viewers have the Arma 3 addiction and I must feed them! I have the utmost confidence that Bohemia & Astaroth will provide a quick resolution ♥

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We are working on it.

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Fix this ffs we cant play

Guys stop complaining they're working on it. Just be patient

Thanks hladas for keeping us posted saying that you guys are working on it, please keep us updated as you do stuff, thanks.

Fix It Now FFS Do Your F'ing Job

This is Joe from Blackwing Gaming.

Unfortunately the latest update did not fix our problem.

BUT for some reason it is a bit more stable now. The server still crashes but only after around 10 minutes.

This is something strange I found in the server logs:

19:59:22 Unknown entity: '& document.loaded) ? func() : document.observe('script:loaded', func)'
19:59:22 Unknown entity: 'loc=' + url + '&f=' + url'
19:59:22 Unknown entity: 'nbsp'
19:59:22 Unknown entity: 'middot'
19:59:22 Unknown entity: 'nbsp'
19:59:22 Unknown entity: 'nbsp'
19:59:22 Unknown entity: 'nbsp'
19:59:22 Unknown entity: 'nbsp'
19:59:22 Unknown entity: 'nbsp'

I uploaded the log and minidump files from the latest crash after updating the server.

Thanks for your help guys. And everybody else please be patient. I'm sure the devs are doing everything they can.

Cheers, [BWG] Joe

Get Your Shit Together And Fix This Issue ASAP

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Stop being so rude, you should be thankful bohemia decides to help us at this hour, just sit tight and wait for the fix.

I agree with Zuulbe, you guys just need to pipe down. I want to play too but its not easy to fix such a problem so be patient and stop being disrespectful

Exactly, calm down guys.

Shut up kids, Get it fixed

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oww Luis.... calm down.. it is all okay - it looks like everything is working now :D

We found the line of code that was causing the issue.

The problem was the assignment of civilians to an independent group just after spawning. This used to work before the update, but crashed the server after the update nearly every time a player spawned.

If any developer needs more information, contact me on the forum. I am using the same name there (Kn1ghtR1d3r).

can you get me exact code which cause the crash, ideally redone into simple repro mission which just cause the crash (e.g. on trigger or automatically in 5s after entering mission) ?

e.g. on skype, or create "private" ticket here and attach it into ...

@Dwarden, please see here (very similar, if not the same) issue. I've posted up the code that causes the crash:

It is this line of code:

[player] joinSilent (createGroup independent);

This line is executed for players spawning as civilians.
Seems to be related to Attorney's report since there is exactly the same line of code.
I am trying to create a simple mission to reproduce the bug but still no luck. I will use my original mission and try to strip it down. [^] (3,881,286 bytes) 2014-03-21 21:13
CallStack is the same as what Update was fixing.

[player] joinSilent (createGroup independent);

I was unable to reproduce it.

If you are using for example HC that is not updated, it could cause this problem.

Kn1ghtR1d3r any luck with this! I just had this happen to my server after they migrated it to balance server loads!