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Custom ammoboxes are clientside
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When a script is put in to change the contents of an ammobox, they don't appear for other players other than the host. {F23513}


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Put in two playable units and an ammobox.
On the ammobox initialization type gear = [this] execVM "ammobox.sqf";
Put the ammobox.sqf file (below) into documents associated with the mission.
Get a friend and see if he sees the modified contents.

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It's worth noting that I think, though not sure, it started happening after the update with the new tank. It worked fine before that.

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Change all *Cargo commands to *CargoGlobal.

See sms's comment. There are cargo related scripting commands which should work globally. They should be used in this case. Could you please change it in your script and let us know, if it is working as intended after this fix? Thanks!

DarkDruid, thanks for the response, I did figure out that it was cargoGlobal a couple months back. It works fine now, but it was quite the change after all those years.

Thanks for the feedback! Marking as resolved.

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