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Rank of General and a playable Character as General
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In Arma 3, there are only ranks until Colonel, please make a rank as General or field marshal....


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There's already a General rank in the config, under CfgRanks, ID 7. For some weird reason you can't assign this rank to any unit.

None of Arma terrains can logically support brigade size units, so there's hardly a need for general rank.
Zeus (or any mission designer) can call any person a general for story purposes, player will see the rank only when in group with the unit.

None of Arma AI can drive a wheeled vehicle through a city without popping the tires, yet it's still possible to let them drive. Why not make the (already existing) general rank assignable? ;)

It doesn't exist. CfgRanks config is used only for scripting and UI purposes, the engine doesn't recognize "General" rank. Programmers would have to implement it, and since ranks are interlinked with many other parts of the game, it might not be trivial tasks. Its benefits are questionable, so I'm afraid nobody will look into it.

Oh well that clears things up a bit.

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