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A-10 to be replaced by F-35: US
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There are articles saying that the A-10 Warthog is to be replaced by F-35 JSF. I think as Arma, as a military simulation series, would like to add more authentic weaponries in the Win campaign episode, rather than the A-164 as a fictitious metal bird to be on the frontline of the future. In another word, it's better to replace the "A-164" to the F-35.


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Sample Articles:

Update: DOD aims to scrap A-10 to keep F-35 alive in new budget:

Will the A-10 `Lazarus’ Cheat Death Once Again? - Time:


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Hmm, I think it's too late to ask them to change it now. Consider the amount of work needed in order to create the A-164. You can't just throw it away. And ADDING instead of REPLACING would be unfair to CSAT.

Nooo, the A10-A is perfect!

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I think you have to consider between realism and pracitcallity: You need lots of time to add a new vehicle. I don't thjink that they should replace the A-10 now, so close to its release.

May be we will see the F-35 in a later patch, together with a new CSAT jet. I would like it.

I am extremely pleased with the new CAS jets. Nothing needs to change. And honestly, the F35 is a s* jet. Not great for CAS. Not great for air superiority. The only good thing about it is VTOL, which isn't that great. The F16D is a far superior jet, just as useful, and "only" $18.8 million per jet. The F-35 Lightning II is $199.4 million dollars. I don't know what the f* the US military is doing with its money.

Please no, the f35 is a terrible jet.

What, so you want to replace a reliable, proven aircraft, refitted with new IR profile reduced, more powerful engines, more advanced avionics and an existing weapons architecture with what is probably the worst "fighter" since the Navy's flying toaster in the 50s?

The F-35 is a disaster, and the in-universe USAF did the right thing with upgrading the A-10 instead of replacing it with that pig. All it does is look cool (and even that, it doesn't quite to, being fat and all...).

In german we have a term for what they are trying to make the F-35. "Eierlegende Woll-Milch Sau." Egg laying, Wool producing, Milk giving Pig. It can do everything, but it's also shit at doing everything. Doer of all trades, adequate in none.

So, no. No thanks.

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Armaverse trumps all arguments.

It would still be neat to see the F-35 in addition to the a-164.