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When anyone connectes as the zues's helper (Moderator) the entire server lags horribly
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Whether its a server I host or another server

if anyone connects as the zues moderator the server will look like its running at 4 FPS
for ALL the player ( I asked each and every one)


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Steps To Reproduce

1 create a Zeus mission that includes Zeus and a moderator
2 enter the mission as zues and have someone connect as the moderator

the game will lag horribly

Additional Information

doesn't matter if you are zues or a regular solider ,when someone enters the moderator part , it lags

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Cant seem to be able to edit the bug so im adding a remark

as soon as the moderator disconnects ,the lag stops

Addendum: the same bug happens when someone which is not the host plays as Zeus (either master or moderator).

this is the same thing that I have experienced as well with hosting a zeus server. I noticed though that yesterday I had a friend on steam join my server as moderator and everyone who was on my server at the time (about 8 people) said they did not experience any lag.

Then today when I hosted my server again and some random person joined as moderator me and everyone else (about 4-6 people) said they experienced the unplayable lag. I then asked the person who was the moderator to leave the slot willingly, he didn't so I kicked him. After he was kicked the lag ceased and it was playable again.

anyone know why I cant edit my bug anymore ?

Add notes below; anyway Lord Moricky acknowledged the bug and is supposedly working to fix it.

His Lordship fixed the bug, but refuses to share the details, because their nature is too embarrassing :)

unfortunately the bug still persists: when joining a server as game moderator the FPS drop at 3-4 for everyone. Tested 18 March 2014 23.52 CET.

(probably the fix didn't make it in today's release?)

I have tested it to yesterday and on a steam friends server that he hosted I joined as game mod and so far no one on server experienced any lag (it was just three people though, he was zeus gm, I was zeus mod and a random player was Blufor.

I have yet to test it again today.

03/19/2014: Just tested it while I joined a server, a person joined in as moderator and it still lagged so much it was unplayable. So it must have have gotten into the patch fix yesterday or today when there was one.

Maybe we may have to wait till tomorrow the 20th for the fix when the normal campaign is finally released on normal build.

Sorry, it seems it didn't get to today's (March 19) update, hopefully tomorrow.

thanks Lord Moricky ;)

thanks Lord Moricky for responding quickly on this, since me and others have been really annoyed and bothered by this bug. I guess lets hope it does make in the 20th, but I probably wont be able to test it since I am so psyched about the final campaign (my rule of thumb is not to play campaigns until they officaly released on normal build)

Thanks Moricky

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