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Give zeus thermal view
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Zeus currently has Night vision for night view , I would ask to give zues Thermal View to make it easier to watch events at night (night vision is a little limited)


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Think about the ZEUS vs. ZEUS mode. It would be easy for the other ZEUS to spot your units while using thermal vision at night time (f.e. if your units try to sneak up on the enemy or try to plan an ambush).

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@Koala - There is a work around
make the Thermal mod a separate module so you can sync it when you want to and create missions without it when you don't

that's the fun about how arma is built isn't it ?

Anoter way is to have a variable that is set as default to off , something like setThermalOn = false

obviously i want to use this for a single zeus game

The top down view will always gives ZEUS an advantage.

My opinion is, that the thermal option will be abused as an advantage. The night vision option should be enough.

I don't like the thermal vision option, but I will not give a downvote.

as always it depends on the player , anything can be abused
in any case I don't see the harm when there is a single zues and he is in charge of everything

since we are the ones making the scenarios there shouldn't be a problem with abuse , just set it to off

but thanks for not down voting even if you disagree

There already is thermal view. ZGM missions have it by default and ZSC as a reward for completing optional challenges.

how do you activate it when you setup your own Zeus game ?

Using BIS_fnc_setCuratorVisionModes funcion.

Example which will enable normal, NVG and TI vision:
[myCuratorLogic,[-1,-2,0]] call BIS_fnc_setCuratorVisionModes;

See function header in the functions viewer for more details about available vision modes.

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