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Zeroing with the MBTs
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Zeroing with the MBTs' coaxial does not work above "1900m". What I mean by that is that, when you try to zero up above that value (1900 included), it will consider that the value is at 100 (or so), even if it displays 1900, 2000, 2100, 2200, 2300 or 2400. This issue concerns every MBT.

PS: Not sure of the category of this issue. {F23424}


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Steps To Reproduce

1- Place any MBT on Almyra (ALTIS).

2- Try zeroing from 100 to 1800. No problems

3- Try zeroing from 1900 to 2400.

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Remember to fire each time you try a new value while zeroing.

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Are you actually seeing the rounds impacting too low?

I just uploaded a screenshot, where you can see that my zeroing is 2000m. Range is 2094m. Yet, the bullets are hitting way too low.

Coaxials should NOT BE ABLE TO SHOOT AT RANGES ABOVE 1900 meters man.
Only 12,7 coaxials should be able to do that but 7,62 should have range limited to about 800-900 meters like real 7,62 coaxials.

6,5 coaxial should have range about 700 meters. 2000 meters for 6,5 is impossible in reality.

6.5 coax cannot reach that far. Once you select a range it cannot physically reach, it defaults to 200 meters.

A visual indicator of that would be nice, but otherwise this works as intended. Unless you want magic space bullets for the 6.5 that can somehow reach further than a .50 cal.

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This is intended behaviour as the distance for coaxial guns is unreachable.
Thank you.