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AI vision not being affected by enviromental changes / obstacles / vegetation
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AI vision are not affected by dense vegetation / grass. AI enemies spots you the same if you are covered by a heavy bush as if you were not covered by nothing.

This is the same when you are layed down on a heavy/tall grass.

And the same happens when there is a heavy fog , you can't see the enemy , but they still spot you the same as there were no kind of fog. {F23410} {F23411}


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AI Spotting / Detection
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start the editor
  2. a) Set a heavy fog - place an enemy 300m in front of you in a clear area - make sure you have no kind of visibility - They will spot you the same.

b) Go to a vegetation place - Place an enemy 100m with a dense bush ( like those cane kind of bushes ) between you and him - they will spot you the same as anything where between you

c) same with grass , and sometimes with terrain and obstacles like rocks.

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AD2001 added a subscriber: AD2001.May 7 2016, 6:08 PM

Unable to repro.

Bouben added a subscriber: Bouben.May 7 2016, 6:08 PM

You will have to design and upload a reliable repro-mission as these kind of issues are very tricky to debug. Typically, there is a lot of misunderstanding and myths involved.

Not always true. For me, it depends. The density of what your hiding behind. Bush for example, ill hide behind one of those, the is, the AI will lose contact, HOWEVER, they will continue to shoot through the bush in hopes of nailing you. Sometimes they get you, sometimes you narrowly escape.

Partly agree with the reporter as with the responders here. AI does get hampered by vegetation (though not the normal grass it seems.) and they will indeed shoot some rounds through bushes hoping they will hit you.

Though I very much agree the AI accuracy and spotting abilities through vegetation are way to good. It seems that even the most tiny part of you visible through the leaves will be instantly spotted by AI and can be expected to result in a bullet in the face. This is visible in other situations as well, hiding in a building only works if you are 100% conceiled, if you stick out 1% enemy AI is going to spot and shoot you.

Had a mission were my AI reported technical 1.5 klicks away in spite of heavy fog. Enemy AI sports me at 700 meters range at low light condition, overcast 100% sky, heavy rain and almost 75% fog. I'll see if I can come up with a repro mission.

oukej added a comment.Jan 13 2015, 2:34 PM

Thanks for the report!
Please try to find a repro mission. It would definitely help us!

Reg. the vegetation and grass cover:

they will indeed shoot some rounds through bushes hoping they will hit you

I can confirm that. AI keeps shooting at the target (max. about 6 seconds) even after the loss of LOS, especially if the target disappeared behind a soft cover.

The problem of the AI super-vision is not limited to grass or fog. Also the AI sees through smoke barier.

I was able to reproduce the issue in the fog; created test mission with enemy CSAT Rifleman AI with a skill level of .36 and ran around to the right until I was near the first small bush and then fired some shots to get him looking in my direction and then walked around a bit while cycling back and forth behind the bush while walking torwards and he somehow detects me @ ~95m but from then on forward he is able to spot me after loosing cover for up to 150-200m or possibly more.

Uploading reproducible mission file as:

Reproduction steps video:

When testing make sure to enable the AI detection script in the scroll menu.

I just created another reproducible mission where the AI are able to see through the closed wooden windows of a building in Kavala (I've not tested other buildings yet)

Uploading reproducible mission file as:

Reproduction steps video:

I thought this issue was being worked on and fixed within the latest patch?

And yet, now the AI (artificial intelligence) seems far more accurate now then my past experience.

They're movements seem far too quick and accurate now, and is noticeable when they shoot the enemy dead upon immediate exit from a tank. I can see them look left and right, with amazing computerized quickness, and all within a fraction of a second then shoot the enemy dead with one or two shots.

However, maybe this was fixed and it's just the server having it's own patches/hacks or they defaulted the accuracy of the AI to expert due to past problems. I should probably spend some time within the editor, playing around with some scenarios. (Too bad I wasn't an expert scripter within AI personnel/tank placement, else I could load in enemy in real time instead of having to reload the Editor map each time!)

I also recently heard AI could see through white smoke without any problems, unless the colored smoke were used. Obviously, most times colored smoke is used far less.

Arkhir added a subscriber: Arkhir.May 7 2016, 6:08 PM

Cannot reproduce any of the mentioned. Perhaps you're playing on faulty terrain, using bad LOD models for the vegetation, or poorly configured ground surfaces.

AI seems to notice me easier on the concrete/streets and worse in vegetation. Dense grass helps for stealth.

AI is blind in comparison to me when it comes to looking through bushes. AI unit definitely did not see me through it, while I could see his silhouette clearly and I could easily identify the uniform (we were about 5 meters apart, bush inbetween of us), but he just stood there, until he heared me moving, then after a while of AI's confusion I recieved fire.

I could effectively hide in the fog until I clearly saw AI silhouette, he started shooting at me when I got a little bit closer.

I noticed some different flaws though, notably with AI hearing:

It's worth to mention that the AI units saw me through vast amounts of fog after being initially detected.
Before the detection their visibility seemed to be influenced heavily by fog. Even if they "saw" me they couldn't identify -- so they didn't shoot.
After they knewAbout me, they started shooting through the fog. They also had some echolocating capabilities, being able to shoot over 50-70 meters with 20m visibility, using just the sounds I made.

There is also a bug with their hearing, regarding player turning, but it's already acknowledged and worked on.

@Arkhir interesting information.
What level of skill(in the player settings and in the unit adjustment) you used?

Arkhir: Good informative write-up Arkhir! Your second half probably describes what I'm seeing on one remote (albeit patched to h*ll) server. I would presume they "knew about me" or "I shot one of them so they now knew I was enemy", and at this point they're acting extremely computerized (or T2/SkyNet like), performing very unlikely as a human being would perform. Extremely accurate and killing within one to two shots, turning left & right faster than a human being would, etc. Of which when the AI are shooting these few very accurate shots, a normal human being or human ARMA 3 player would still be dealing with fatigue or still trying to get their bearings after just jumping out of a vehicle.

Sometimes, the AI would just walk by without recognizing my presence.

2015.04.24: Also researching back through similar AI bugs, the AI bugs have an apparent history of simply being closed without really being fixed. But when you think about this, Arkhir's description tends to be more exactly described then the previous filed bugs.

I used default skill levels playing on elite with 0.85 skill setting and 0.25 precission setting.

Yup, most of the stuff the ticket is about is probably not about vision, but rather weird bugs with sound/knowsAbout parameter.

Just added an addition to my previous comment.