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Changes in Sound Device mutes the game.
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Arma 3 does not support Sound change from one device to other device. If i start arma 3 and i didnt insert my USB Headset, the sound will work on my speakers but when i insert my Headset in between the game, the sound doesnt transfer to the device that has been inserted. I mainly use Laptop to play and what happen sometimes that i have USB Headset inserted and when playing sometimes the USB gets off, that time the sound goes off and it doesnt transfer itself to Default Sound Device that is the Laptop Speaker. Also if i insert the Headphones again , the sound does not come to that headset. I need to restart the whole for getting the sound back. Please check to this major issue. It is one of the most annoying issue in Arma 3.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start Arma 3 in Default Speakers of computer or any sound device
  2. Plug in another source of sound device which is set as default device when inserted
  3. Check the Arma 3 Sound source, it will be still playing in Old Default Device.


  1. Insert Headphones and start Arma 3.
  2. Sound goes to Headphomes.
  3. Remove Headphones and insert again. No Sound in the game.
Additional Information

Please see that it transfer to the default device automatically. I think all games in DX9 could transfer the sound and the solution may be that application need to get code for the same thing to function in available Sound device and also same is for the Microphone.

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Same with the SoundBlaster Z. Changing from headphones to speakers or vice versa mutes the game.

Maybe edit the caption so it makes more sense? Like "Changing sound devices mutes game"?

i have the same problem with ASUS Strix 7.1
if i change the sound device while ARMA3 is running the game souds mute and im forced to reboot the game to get thee sounds back
very annoying during long missions

most modern games have this feature they are able to switch sound card on the fly.

please find a troubleshoot for this issue.

Thats a windows thing.

For my part i think it is a problem of not refreshed peripheral context during the game execution or direct sound functions poorly implemented in the game
the gap to solve this problem should not be huge.
I tried with several different sound cards (2 different usb headphone, 2 PCI internal sound cards, and 1 screen speakers) and it is always the same problem
the game is not able to change sound card while running. you have to reboot the game to get the sounds back

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as @sanka945 already said. The Game only aquires a Handle to the Audio device at game start. That's why the game stays on your old sound device when you switch the default device to a different one in Windows. It shouldn't be that hard to fix it. Don't know why BI is taking so long.