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AI doesn't turn on headlights at night (skip time module)
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When using the skip time module to change the time to night, no AI drivers will turn on the lights of their cars, even if they don't have nvgs.


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AI Control / Commanding
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Skip time to nighttime
  2. watch vehicles drive in the dark without lights

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As far as I know vehicles only use lights when in "safe" mode. Any other time they assume lights are too dangerous and will turn them off.

You are right. I didn't know about this. So this is not Zeus related at all.

This shouldn't be the default behaviour of any units that don't wear NVGs, though. Civilian cars can drive around at night without lights on or NVGs and still not crash...

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Not Zeus related, category adjusted.

This might be by design then, if, in your example, all AI units are in danger mode?