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Zeus "Remote Control" Module: No Unit Control on Remote Control Multiple-placement
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Very simple. Holding the ctrl-key to place multiple Remote Control modules on a single unit will break unit control for the Remote Control session. Exiting to the Zeus interface and entering any unit again with a single Remote Control module will allow units to function just fine again.


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Steps To Reproduce

Repro steps:

  1. Setup a typical Zeus gamemode in the editor, place a player unit, and preview the mission.
  1. Place any single unit you want from the Zeus interface. This issue will occur regardless of whether you place a vehicle or a lone infantry man, so do whatever you want.
  1. Choose the Remote Control module.
  1. Hold the ctrl-key down and rapidly click on the unit you've previously placed before you've fully "zoomed in" to the unit you've selected.
  1. Notice that you're in the Remote Control mode for the unit, but you cannot move him or fire his firearm. You can aim down the sights, however.
  1. Exit back to the Zeus interface and Remote Control the unit again, but this time only place the module once. Notice that you can now operate the unit perfectly fine.

--End Repro--

Additional Information

This isn't really a massive bug, but accidentally triggering this may confuse a prospective Zeus.

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Should be fixed in today's dev build.

Once "entering" animation starts, placing another Remote Control module will have no effect.

Mass-close of resolved tickets not updated in last two weeks.