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New camera position presets took away tab shortcuts
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Since the new camera position presets were added, it's no longer possible to switch between the tabs in Zeus (F1, F2, F3).

Those shortcuts were far more useable than those camera presets.


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Some people preferred camera positions, so it's difficult to say what;s more useful. However, storing camera presets cannot be simply moved anywhere else.

You're right that at least some keyboard shortcut would be handy, so I implementing browsing editing modes by pressing Tab (or Ctrl+Tab for going backward). There are only four modes, so each one is max. two clicks away.

Please check if the solution is good enough.

ETA Tuesday

Cool. Could you make it Shift+Tab for backwards, though? To reflect how Tab/Shift+Tab works everywhere else.

I'd like to, but Shift + Tab is by default used to bring up Steam overlay, so I cannot interfere with it.

That's really Valve's problem, not yours. Shift+Tab is a common shortcut, and it was a bad idea to choose that as default.

Besides, ARMA supports changing the focus of controls both forwards and backwards already using Tab and Shift+Tab.

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