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With respawntemplate "MenuPosition" Zeus can't start the game.
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I made a mission for Zeus, Zeus is a unit on the map.
The respawn type for the mission, as defined by the description.ext, is BASE.
In the mission itself is no respawn point defined, as it's Zeus task to place the first respawn point.
If the only used RespawnTemplate is "Counter", everything is fine. If the RespawnTemplate "MenuPosition" is added though, Zeus can't join the game. Zeus get's a pop up after the briefing that Zeus has to define a respawn point first. But since Zeus can't access the Zeus interface, he can't define a respawn point.

I'm pretty sure this is not intended. {F23343}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create mission for a playable Zeus (place blufor-unit on map with name "gamemaster", create necessary modules for GM mode to work and have "gamemaster" be Zeus)
  2. add "respawn = 3;" and "respawnTemplatesWest[] = {"Counter","MenuPosition"};" to description.ext
  3. save as multiplayer mission and try it out.
Additional Information

I have tried it via hosting only, not on a dedicated server so far. Maybe there's a different behaviour, although I pretty much doubt it.
The game places a (non editable) respawn point after a bit of time at a random place on the map. After that it is possible to join the game as zeus again and to define a respawn point.
But the forced respawn point is neither movable nor deletable, giving the players respawn options they should not have.

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I just made a check to see what happens if I predefine a respawn marker in the editor: Zeus goes directly to the respawn menu as well, having the one respawn marker to choose from.
Zeus is not being placed at the predefined position from the menu, but rather removed from the map and then placed at the respawn position. By that each AI team member of Zeus is being wiped from the map and not being respawned.
I currently don't know how it works with other players (no opportunity to test it yet), I presume they can choose the predefined respawn point and respawn after that. Can't tell if the grouping is intact afterwards or not, though.

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I believe what you have to do is go into Game Logic and there you will find Zeus and place that down as playable unit. Possible fix?

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@Lala14: No. The problem only occurs with a playable zeus unit, not with the playable zeus game logic. That's what this issue is about.