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UI for group formations issues wrong command
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When you double click on a group as Zeus, it pulls up a UI where you can edit the callsign, combat mode, and formation. If you click on wedge, vee, line, or column the group leader orders his group to form the formation that was selected. However, if you click file, the group forms a staggered column, if you click staggered column, the group forms echelon left, if you click echelon left, the group forms echelon right, if you click echelon right, the group forms diamond, and if you click diamond, the group form file.


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Steps To Reproduce

Make a group in zeus mode, double click on group, click on a formation, then click okay. The group will not get into the correct formation when hitting okay after clicking on file, staggered column, echelon left, echelon right, or diamond.

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Should be fixed in today's dev build.

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