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Respawn enabled and Old leader not regaining leadership (A.I can take leadership of playable group)
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  1. Group leader dies
  2. Group Leader Respawns
  3. Second in charge unit now has group leadership, Not the respawned group leader

(This can be an A.I. which will break the mission

This can often cause a breakdown in command and control due to non responsive player who didn't initially want to take a leadership position (OR EVEN WORSE AN A.I.)and now unwittingly finding themselves leading a group when they may not have a microphone, or understand the voip channel system.

Typically on an organised server, the group leaders are selected because they can respond to voip and have the ability to lead a group. Command channel can then be used.

We are now getting situations where players who do not, can not take control of a group are being forced into that position


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MP environment
2 groups
Respawn set to (At least base)
Command net is using command channel in voip
AI as 2ic or Player without microphone is 2ic

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I can confirm that this happens, but I know this is by design; e.g. with AI the next in line assumes control over the squad, which is a MUST; with humans this happens normally too and makes sense, since ArmA is not always respawn by design.

I'm not sure if this could/should be solved by the mission maker. Then again it would be very sexy if this is an option if respawn is enabled. This makes this ticket rather a feature request, but to be treated as such, it would have to be rephrased entirely, including the additonal option for respawn modes.

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Wait a minute, if respawn is set any playable units including ai can be in the group. Losing control to an A.I in an MP environment wrecks the mission.
This wasn't how it used to be. Back an engine version or so it was different.

Single Player functionality and multiplayer functionality requirements are very different.

The answer to all issues shouldn't be left to the mission maker to solve

You need to run an MP community to understand the effects this can have and none of it is positive.

If this was group respawn then it would be correct, but not for base respawn. It simply breaks the command and control.

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That's how it always was. The mission maker has to make sure that the correct leader gets selected after respawn again.

Though this should finally get improved.

Edit: I guess it's related to rank and rating. If a second unit in the group has a higher rating and the same rank it'll be selected as leader when the leader dies. But like written, that's just a guess.

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