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What happened to some of the vehicles (and even weapons)?
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Some vehicles, especially land ones, used TO ADVERTISE and FEATURED on the website last year are missing from the final product. Even the new Zeus DLC doesn't bring them up nor the future DLC with jets.
It's strange the developers or the content creators decided to scrap these really beautiful and unique vehicles. Such a great missing, which could've added some fresh content.

If we could get some clarification and some explanation that would be cool, since I couldn't find one. If we could get these features back to the game that would be cooler.

List of missing vehicles, weapons:
-NEMO mortar system
-M2A1 with reactive armor
-T-100 railgun
-Patria AMV with HMG (Marshall chassis)
-Astute class submarine (not like a small SDV we currently have)
-KSG shotgun and shotgun in general,
-Some attachments, like muzzle flash hiders.
-ToH FLIGHT MODEL!! (it was stated and confirmed)

And PLEASE vote down this tiket if you don't agree, for goodness sake. {F23310} {F23311} {F23312} {F23313} {F23314} {F23315}


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Why would they take this amazing content out of the game? If they put the content that was supposed to be in Arma 3 in a DLC, they're going to go waaay down on the charts :P

Because that "amazing content" wasn't finished in time for release, or, in the case of the railgun tank, a lot of people complained about it.

Well they still complain about futuristic vehicles/weapons which 99% of them are not

Since tomorrow we will get the missing variant of the Slammer (yay!, source:, could you guys be so kind to gift us, maybe not tomorrow nor the next month, the missing vehicles / weapons?