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Add a deployable mannable Static Minigun (M134) and an autonomous version of it
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To increase the variety it would be nice to see the M134 getting a static weapon variant. Despite the current firerate/penetration issues this would be a nice addition.
Blufor version could be the same as on the pawnee or the speedboat minigun, Opfor version could be the same as the orca minigun.
With a weight of 16kg even a backpack version could be possible for both blufor/opfor variants, which would open up possibilities even further. {F23306}


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Who doesn't love Miniguns?

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Agreed that static weapons could use some variety.

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Hell yeah for miniguns!
Static 6.5mm&7.62mm's + mounted on perhaps the Guerrilla offroads, and I wouldnt mind to see them on the MRAPS either.

On some smaller scale missions 50 cal's&12.7's are just too much power, having a smaller bullet machinegun would balance out some PVP missions when no one has an armored vehicle. Sometimes its just much more fun to spray down a hundred rounds on a enemy position in just a few seconds than trying to conserve every bit of your precious 50 cal rounds and fire in very small bursts.

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Would be great to see some ground vehicles or static weapons with miniguns attached to them. My favorite would be the BLUFOR Panther with 7.62mm minigun.

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