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Add a module which changes the Independent faction loyalty
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A module which can change whether the Independent faction is friendly/neutral/enemy towards blufor and opfor would be useful.


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I think if they can add that I'd prefer a module where you set 2 factions and the status, not just Independent. :)

It should be a module that changes the friendship of all centers, so you can make BLUFOR/OPFOR allies, etc.

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many people have already talked about this. i dont think its too hard to make factions work like "insurgency as team 1 and AAF as team 2"

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You don't need a module for setting relationships.

With an easy workaround, everyone can be you friend, civilians can be the bad guys, you can let fight blufor vs. blufor and so on.

I posted that workaround in another ticket (

Do following easy steps (just as an example):

  1. Create a NATO-unit as a player
  2. Create a FIA-unit (which are friendly to NATO-units)
  3. Create a CSAT-unit (which are not friendly to NATO-units) and set "Condition of Presence" to "false" (the unit is not physical present in the mission)
  4. group the FIA-unit with the OpFor-unit (not the other way around) via the group connector (press F2) ---> the FIA-unit becomes OpFor
  5. preview the mission and the FIA-unit will attack you.

That works with every Side... even OpFor attacking OpFor and Civilians attacking Civilians.

Have fun!

@Koala: That does NOT solve the issue.
That doesn't make sides allies.

It just adds units with uniforms of other sides.

Sector Control, etc. would report that BLUFOR had seized a sector, if the independent are on BLUFOR.

We don't want units from other sides to BE on other sides. We want them to be allies.

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Koala, you posted a workaround but it's not a solution. First of all in Zeus you can't set a unit's condition of presence, and second, even if you could it would be annoying to group every new soldier/squad to a specific side

I'm afraid the current side system doesn't allow dynamic relation changing, not without undesired side effects. That's why ZGM scenarios at least have ability to set relations in mission parameters in the lobby.


I'm assuming you're talking about the existing units with (knowsAbout > 0)'s unwillingness to fire at new enemies (or stop firing at new friends). I haven't noticed any side effects other than that.

Anyways, I made a function that works around that problem:


Small video:

side1 setFriend [side2 , value];

eg : to set independant allied to west :

Resistance setfriend [West,1];

(turn the value to 0 to set them enemy.)

if you place this code into the init line of the unit he will be the only one to be friend with west, you must add it for each independent units you want to be friend with west (blufor).

if you want this code to apply for all present independant units without the need to edit for each present units, place the code into the init.sqf of your mission.

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