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Your "ears" never move while in the map screen (sound bug)
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If you open the map screen while running you may notice that the sound of your footsteps slowly grows quieter. Now if you start running backwards you will begin to hear them again once you reach the spot where you opened the map screen. It seems that opening the map screen fixes your ingame sound "ear" on the spot where you open the map. You can run kilometers away while keeping the map open and still hear what's going on where you opened it.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place down any sound source (car with engine running) and stand next to it.
  2. Open the map screen. Do not close the map screen during these steps.
  3. Start running forward.
  4. The sound of your footsteps will grow quieter as the sound of the car remains as audible.
  5. Run backwards back to where you opened the map screen, note how your footsteps will begin to grow louder once again.
  6. Closing the map screen fixes the problem and allows you to hear what is going on around you again instead of around the spot where you opened the map.
Additional Information

Seems persistent for me in both devbranch and stable.

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Already reported.

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Duplicate of #8946.