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Request Feature - Parachute for ammo boxes
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Can we have a parachute deploy for ammo boxes that are moved into the air please?


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Yes we can! In the next dev build ;)

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i still dont get it why some features with 0 comments and 1 voteup can make it into the game while other ones with thousands of comments and voteups must wait.

maybe this was easy ro implement.. a simple Z level check

Fixing this took me about 10 minutes. Many heavily upvoted issues require complicated decisions and multi-department cooperation, that's why they often remain unsolved for quite some time

I figured it would be an easy fix. When can we expect it in the Dev release?

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Moricky, to make dissapear most of my lack of trust towards bis, please tell me, are you guys allowed to take features from other games and use them on arma? (like DayZ melee, most of the things from VBS, TOH controls, etc.)

Mass-close of resolved tickets not updated in last two weeks.