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Please add GBUs into ordinance tab
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It would be nice to have GBUs as another option in the ordinance tab. We have mortar, rocket, howitzer, so why not? its the only explosive delivery system not in there. Would be very nice because it would allow the game master to create airstrikes on lased targets (using thermal camera mode) without having to deal with the hassle of making a plane actually drop it.


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I'm planning to add bombing runs together with the release of new jets.

Air strike modules are already in the game, but I'm afraid I wasn't able to implement bombing run due to technical limitations. Only missile strike, gun strafe and combination of both is available.

However, laser target is now visualized by a special icon, so Zeus can spot it and send any kind of fire support on the location. Is that ok?

yes, thank you. I was extremely pleased with the CAS modules.

Another idea I had was basically the reverse of the laser target icon:
perhaps Zeus could "place" a laser target by means of some module, eliminating the need for JTAC but allowing a pilot to still use GBUs and such.

thank you!

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