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Diver type unit can't move when removeAllweapons is executed on this unit from an external script
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The bug concerns all diver type unit classnames: B_diver_F, O_diver_F, I_diver_F.

It appears when executing "removeAllweapons unit" script command on a unit from an external script.



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Into the zip file attached to this thread, there is a very simple mission that reproduce the bug. A screenshot is also in the archive that show the diver in complete freeze of animation.


  1. Open ArmA 3 Mission Editor.
  2. Add B_diver_F unit into water.
  3. In the NAME field of the unit set A.
  4. In the INIT field of the unit set: _dummy = execVM "test.sqf";
  5. Create a test.sqf file and add: removeallweapons A;
  6. Set the diver as Player and run Preview.
  7. Your player is in complete freeze from moving.

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Wetsuit OR Diver problem; If a diver has a different rifle to the default, taken or scripted, he can not swim forwards or backwards just up & down with the z & x keys. Happens if the diver starts in the water or if he ejects from a boat.

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Same thing happens with removeWeapon on the main weapon

Confirmed. Doesn't happen with other units, just diver.

It happens if any player is wearing a wetsuit, not just a diver