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Crashing a lot on Zeus
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The past hour I've crashed 7 times, playing Zeus. It seems there's no problem the first 20-30 minutes, then it starts crashing every few minutes after a restart. {F23262} {F23263} {F23264} {F23265} {F23266} {F23267} {F23268} {F23269} {F23270} {F23271} {F23272} {F23273} {F23274} {F23275} {F23276} {F23277} {F23278} {F23279} {F23280}


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Windows reports the code offsets as:

All but one of the crashes seem to be caused by offset 0x00087b71.

Expert from the log:
Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 00487B71
graphics: D3D11
resolution: 1920x1080x32
Mods: A3
Distribution: 0
Version 1.11.115429
Fault time: 2014/02/17 12:21:04
Fault address: 00487B71 01:00086B71 E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Arma 3\arma3.exe
file: mp_zgm_m11_west
world: Altis
Prev. code bytes: 8B 06 8B 50 04 8B CE FF D2 80 7C 24 1C 00 74 42
Fault code bytes: 8B 06 8B 90 E4 08 00 00 8B CE FF D2 85 C0 74 15

EAX:00000057 EBX:4E2490C0
ECX:00000058 EDX:020DC0B8
ESI:00000000 EDI:4F42CCDC
SS:ESP:002B:020DC0A0 EBP:020DE414
DS:002B ES:002B FS:0053 GS:002B


note: Minidump has been generated into the file C:\Users\Morten\AppData\Local\Arma 3\arma3_2014-02-17_12-14-37.mdmp

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Same here, our server crashed 5-6 times yesterday.

Might be related to having an actual Zeus player object and not the entity.

EDIT: Logs added.

Zeus was a player object, not the entity. I am guessing server was running out of memory?

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I tested with a few friends and the game would crash whenever either Zeus or a GM deleted entities quickly.

I need .rpt files which match with these .bidmp files. Could you please upload them?

I've deleted some of them. Not sure which ones belong to which crash, but I've attached all logs containing a crash while playing Zeus. Guess you can find the matching dump at the end of the logs.

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Same issue. Attached is a rar and zip of the bidmp, mdmp, and rpt files. Both have the same three files inside.

Hi, do you have still this issue? Could you please upload new crashdumps from actual version, if issue still persist? Thank you.

Skurcey added a subscriber: Skurcey.May 7 2016, 5:58 PM

i have some crash too as a player in zeus mode, crash and direct back to desktop. Should i upload my last .rpt? (not sure wich is what)

Have experienced this issues as well. Uploading my .rpt, .bidmp and .mdmp files for review now!

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